Weapons in game (Halo Reach) are shown and give numerous points.

Power WeaponsEdit

Requiring SkillEdit

Only two weapons in Reach require skill, the Sniper Rifle, and the Grenade Launcher.


The Sniper Rifle is probably one of the most professional power weapons. Requiring only a two shot kill, or one if you like shooting skulls, this can be both a threat and fear to the other team. Most people go for trick shots, twitch shots, or even quickscopes and 360's. But a real sniper will be stealthy and quiet, and let the enemy know that they won't be found easy. As well as that, a true sniper can pull off a sick move like a boss.


The Grenade Launcher is another skillful weapon, but is similar to the Rocket Launcher in damage output and "noobness", so it is in much debate. However, it still retains it's effectiveness. With two types of grenades, it can easily kill an opponent. It is not exactly a noob tube, but good overall, and the amount of ammo it can hold is enough to get even an Overkill.

Ones Lacking SkillEdit


The Shotgun is much of a noob weapon, and it seems to have gotten a buff-up since Halo 3. On the good side, it has decent range, a good reload-kill, as well as a shot-melee tactic. However, it is very discouraged, due to camping, and the fact that is the most "teabagged with" weapon. It also seems to have enough ammo to kill about 30 people with direct hits. In addition, alot of people betray or kill people with it to put in a file share. Stupid eh? Overall it is a good weapon in combat, the bane of sword fighters, but a true weapon for campers.


The Rocket Launcher has low ammo, but isn't much of a noob power weapon, but at the same time takes no skill. It is more of a spree bane. It has a hefty reload time, which is easily countered by those with a DMR and some grenades. Overall it is good for crowd killing.