The Skulltacular Arena is a measure of top K/D of members, amount of medals and much more. They can be all filled by applying and submitting a K/D. It's best to send me a message to get this.

The ArenasEdit

  • Highest K/D Ratio
  • Perfections
  • Exterminations
  • Skullamanjaros
  • Killionaires
  • Best Spree
  • Unfrigginbelievables

Of course, there are 7 arenas.

NOTE: The first 3 arenas are in the 1st season. 2nd season onwards will have access to all seven.

At the end of every month, a bulletin will be put up of who has the most:

  • Wrecking Crews
  • Buck Wilds
  • Be the Bullets
  • Corrected(s)
  • Cutting Crews
  • Sunday Drivers
  • Road Rages
  • Sunbursts
  • Second Gunman
  • Unstoppable Forces
  • Thrillers
  • Hell's Jeromes
  • Broseidons

So fight to the death! See who is the best! Have fun!

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