Welcome to the Skulltacular Wiki!

Welcome to the Skulltacular Wiki! It is a encyclopedia about everything related to Skulltacular Machinima Corporations Inc. The format allows to create and edit articles, so we can work together!

Skulltacular News and Updates!


Season 5 will not be planned yet, due to revising. Sorry for the disruption.


Thank you for visiting the Skulltacular Wiki. We are working on 20+ articles. Skulltacular is a Machinima inc, dedicated to entertain the machinima world. If you wish to get started please create an account or log in if you haven't already. Before you make any articles, please read the Rules and Guidelines before proceeding.

Halo Reach Pool

We have a new thing called the Halo Reach Pool, based on stats, and will happen every "season", a given set of months. Apply here and see what it takes.

Halo Reach Pool

Halo 3 will be up soon.

Latest activity

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