Skulltacular has a set of challenges for the most derived of players. Getting them will reward Skulltacular members with an emblem or callsign. The challenges are below, more to be added.

You can also get skulls, which act as your exp.

Perfection%21.png The Perfectionist

Get a Perfection medal in the Arena, 5 times.

Reward: A Callsign and Emblem, 1000 Skulls

Extermination%21.png The Exterminator

Get an Extermination medal in the Arena.

Reward: A Callsign and Emblem, 500 Skulls

Skulltacular Noble ChallengesEdit

34EB6879-EEF5-4a49-A940-BBEBFFC4C92F.png No Remorse

Kill someone in the Arena, then kill him again with his own weapon.

Reward: No Remorse Callsign and Emblem, 2000 Skulls

34EB6879-EEF5-4a49-A940-BBEBFFC4C92F.png Skulltacular and Skullionaire!

Get a Killtacular and Killionaire in a match, 10 seconds apart.

Reward: Callsigns and Emblem

5000 Skulls

34EB6879-EEF5-4a49-A940-BBEBFFC4C92F.png Do It Like the Three Creators

Get a 50 Kill Spree in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Reward: Callsigns and Emblem

10000 Skulls

34EB6879-EEF5-4a49-A940-BBEBFFC4C92F.png Fallen Angel

Get a Perfection unfairly. (1 less teammate)

Reward: Callsigns and Emblems

7500 Skulls

34EB6879-EEF5-4a49-A940-BBEBFFC4C92F.pngKing of Sprees

Get any two 15-Kill Sprees in the same game. (Multiplayer, Buck Wild, Be the Bullet, etc.)

Reward: A nice callsign and emblem

5000 Skulls

34EB6879-EEF5-4a49-A940-BBEBFFC4C92F.png I Don't Like Lead

Get a Close Call Perfection.

Reward: A nice callsign and emblem

10000 Skulls


Get 7 kills in the first two minutes of a game.

Reward: ....

1000 Skulls