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If you are reading this you may have read our message at the main menu or have been redirected by an administrator. This page is for the rules and guidelines of the Wiki so it doesn't become a huge bother to the Wiki.

Creating Article Rules

When creating an article on the wiki, please make sure it is related to Skulltacular. Posting stuff such as Cars and Burgers don't really benefit much at all.

  • Make sure it is related.
  • When editing an article, do not delete someone else's work.
  • Respect other articles the way others respect yours.
  • Any misconducts will result in immediate block and/or ban.

Here at Skulltacular, we do a three strike rule. If you wish to appeal a ban or offence, contact this guy.

Other Content

Skulltacular Wiki isn't for posting your screenshots and stuff, that's for Forge Hub and the rest, however:

  • You may post links to your maps and screenshots on your Userpage, but you CANNOT write articles about them.
  • The only pics you should put here should be related to the Wiki.
  • Pics should not contain crude language, and should not involve racism, sexism or disrespectful behavior.

This is so far all our rules. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!