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Our Live's Legacy

Our Live's Legacy (tentative) is an upcoming machinima made by Skulltacular Inc. It involves the story of three spartans who unite together to save the world, Earth, and possibly, another planet.


The focus of the story lies with three Spartans, named Shadius-X87, Cartman-065, and Brenden-B15, all 21 years of age, and experienced in a certain skill, stat or weapon. They have been recently transferred to a Battalion, codenamed X-7, under the watch of Lieutenant Neo San Andreas. While the three are troublemakers, they all respect one another, and when as a team, are nearly unstoppable. They take after their fathers, who are fighting on the unknown planet against an army of GLA Elites. A new faction of Elites (and Spartans) called the 37173, are ruining the world and trying to break the Human-Sangheili alliance, so they can reenact the 2552 war yet again. This plot takes place in 2555.


No episodes have been published yet, but scripts up to episode 7 have been made already.


Here are the main characters of the Machinima, more will be made.

  • Shadius
  • Cartman
  • Brenden
  • Neo
  • 37173